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University of Mississippi Foundation Offers Secure Giving Opportunity
Charitable Gift Annuities enable alumni and friends to enjoy a steady stream of income during their lifetime and to provide support for the University of Mississippi at maturity.

The University of Mississippi Foundation recently announced the availability of Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs), which enable alumni and friends to enjoy a steady stream of income during their lifetime and help support Ole Miss at maturity.

“The Ole Miss Charitable Gift Annuity offers dependable lifetime payments donors can rely on for retirement or any goal, such as a grandchild’s education,” said Wendell Weakley,  president and CEO of the UM Foundation. “At maturity, the funds will help support academics and/or athletics as designated by the donor.”

Following endorsement by the UM Foundation Joint Committee on University Investments, a separate pool of funds have been set aside specifically to fulfill CGAs. Securely backed by the assets of the UM Foundation, the gift annuity’s individual fixed rate is locked in when donors create a gift to Ole Miss to support the area of their choice. Donors or the donor’s designee can receive a lifetime of fixed payments regardless of market fluctuations.

“Additionally, a charitable gift annuity gives donors an immediate charitable tax deduction in addition to potential income, capital gains and estate tax savings,” Weakley said. “Those who take advantage of the CGA realize that by giving back to the university, they in turn receive great benefits.”

For more information about supporting Ole Miss with a Charitable Gift Annuity, contact Sandra Guest at 662-915-5208, or Anna Langley at 662-915-1298, or visit

By Bill Dabney