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The Ole Miss Women's Council for Philanthropy is an innovative and groundbreaking program at the University of Mississippi that provides scholarships and counsel for students who are destined to be leaders.


Helmed by an accomplished cadre of women leaders and philanthropists, the Women's Council provides scholarships for tuition and books for young men and women, as well as guidance and training in leadership skills, career development, and personal growth throughout the students' tenure at the university.


Scholars are guided by career mentors and sitting members of the Women's Council and participate in leadership training, mentoring, community service projects, cultural enrichment activities and alumni networking.


The first of its kind in the nation, the Women's Council was created in 2000; its program has grown to include sixty-three scholars, and over $10 million in funds has been raised. The Ole Miss Women's Council continually seeks resources to accomplish its goal of identifying and nurturing outstanding young men and women of today, in hopes of creating future leaders of a more caring and ethical society.

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