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Trust (trust)—vt. 1: to have confidence in; 2: to commit something to a person’s care

Consider the power inherent in the concept of trust: We trust our families to stand behind us. We trust those with whom we do business to be fair. We trust our physicians to prescribe the proper medicines.

When we support a public institution such as a university, we trust in the stewardship, vision, and integrity of those who lead the organization.

Like a healthy family where responsible parents decide, “We need more food instead of clothes, or more vegetables instead of meat,” so must someone at the University have the overall vision to fill in gaps to create excellence. When you give to the Chancellor’s Trust at The University of Mississippi, you commit your resources to the chancellor’s care and demonstrate your confidence in the University’s leadership and vision.

When you support the Chancellor’s Trust at The University of Mississippi, your trust is well-placed.

Your support provides the chancellor with the flexibility to use the gift where it is most effective. It could be used to:

Enhance Faculty Development
The strength of every university is its faculty, and good professors are in great demand. Colleges and universities are always seeking to lure our faculty away with better salaries, better equipment, or better facilities. Opportunities are available to endow teaching chairs and distinguished professorships and lectureships, or provide the additional support to halt the out-migration of our best teachers and researchers, and encourage others to join us.

Provide Scholarships
Since the creation of the Chancellor’s Trust, Ole Miss has made solid progress in both the number and size of scholarships for our students. Alumni and friends of the University continue to build on the opportunities we offer to attract the brightest students with generous endowments. By participating in the Chancellor’s Trust, you can strengthen the chancellor’s hand and share in this rewarding effort.

Respond to Changing Needs
As economic, political, and social conditions change, so must higher education. Public universities rely heavily on state funds, but the level of state funds can be unpredictable. The chancellor must have the ability to adjust to shifting budgetary needs—often on short notice. He also must be able to take advantage of quickly developing new opportunities for the University. The Chancellor’s Trust provides this flexibility.

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