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Visit the Greek and Roman Antiquities Collection's WEBSITE to find out more information about current initiatives.

The University of Mississippi Museum is planning to reinstall its nationally-renowned antiquities collections in the beautiful neoclassical galleries of our original 1939 building.

The Museum holds one of the finest collections of Greek and Roman antiquities of any academic museum in the nation, and the largest in our southeast region. With over 2,000 total artifacts and our legacy of legendary 20th century archaeologist Dr. David M. Robinson's generosity to the Museum, we are the stewards of an exceptional teaching resource for our community and audiences of every age.

The project has significant funding needs in diverse areas: New Exhibition Cases / Touch-Table Interactive Technology / Children's Discovery Station / Object Conservation / Security Upgrades / Ancient World Map and Timeline among them.

We need your help to make this state of the art exhibition happen.

At the heart of the Museum's 75-year history of success is a strong sense of pride in the people and the past support that have shaped us. With your participation as a partner in this project, we will leave a legacy of our own era: the University's antiquities collections reinstalled as a dynamic teaching and educational resource for generations to come.


Robert Saarnio
Director, University of Mississippi Museum