Q: Will you send me information via mail?

A: Ole Miss is committed to fiscal responsibility. We do not mail information for our phonathon because the costs for sending this information would be enough to fund at least one scholarship. The more efficient we can make our phonathon, the more funding we can put toward student resources like scholarships, technology, new curriculum, and classroom equipment. In addition, we believe a phone call is one of the best ways Ole Miss can provide you with information about giving. Students have a wealth of knowledge about giving to Ole Miss and are truly your best source of information!

We can e-mail you information (it costs us almost nothing to e-mail), after which a student will call back to follow up and answer any questions. Just let the student you speak with know you would like information via e-mail.


Q: I received an e-mail and/or letter that indicate I said I would make a gift, but I don't want to at this time.

A: The student you spoke with may have made a mistake in recording the result of your conversation in his/her computer or he/she may have misunderstood what you stated. Either way, we truly apologize for the error! Please let us know if you would like us to cancel the pledge by e-mailing us at or calling 1-800-340-9542. If you receive reminder mailings (asking you to send a gift) after you cancel the pledge, kindly disregard these.


Q: How can I help?

A: Your gift really does make a difference!

  • With state budgets cuts, continued alumni support is ever more essential.
  • Contributions from alumni help numerous programs at Ole Miss survive.
  • Enrollment for 2004-2005 is at an amazing 16,500 students!
  • Increased participation influences rankings and helps the University obtain grants from corporations and foundations that research how many alumni contribute.

Q: Why should I give on a credit card?

A: Please give on a credit or debit card

  • The calling center is attempting to switch over to electronic funding, which aides the efficiency of resource allocation.
  • Placing your gift on a credit or debit card allows us to eliminate shipping and processing fees.
  • Your gift becomes immediately available to student resources and other funding priorities.

Q: Why do I receive multiple calls from Ole Miss?

A: There are two reasons you might receive multiple calls in one year:

  • The Ole Miss Call Center fundraises for many areas of the University.
    We conduct phonathons on behalf of various areas of the University throughout the year, including the Ole Miss Fund (formerly known as "Annual Fund"), Ole Miss First, each of the nine schools, Ole Miss Parents Association Annual Campaign, Band, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

    The number of times you’re called depends on the number of areas with which you have past relationships. We try to limit the number of campaigns a person is contacted for each fiscal year to two.

  • People aren't always home or available when we call.
    Because of students' class schedules, we do the majority of our phonathon calling during late afternoon and evening hours. Naturally, this calling schedule limits our chances of speaking with you.

    "The University of Mississippi" may appear on your Caller ID several times. This means that each time our automated dialing system attempted to contact you, no one in the household answered the phone, that an answering system answered the phone, or that you weren't available to speak.

   There is an easy way to avoid both of these scenarios.
   If you see "The University of Mississippi" on your Caller ID, simply answer our    phone call. If that particular time isn't convenient for you, the student caller can    set up a more convenient time to call you back.

   We care about our relationship with you!
   If there is anything we can do to make our phone calls more convenient for you,    please feel free to contact us