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Green Fund

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University of Mississippi Green Fund



What is the Green Fund?

The University of Mississippi Green Fund is a pool of money that is used for sustainability projects and programs. Projects may include enhancement of the campus bike infrastructure, installation of hydration stations, lighting upgrades, purchase of new recycling bins, and so forth.  Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are invited to give and to submit proposals to the Green Fund!

To support the UMGF, the University will provide a baseline contribution of $15,000 per year along with a 50% bonus match for every dollar invested by students. All students, faculty, and staff will be provided an opportunity each semester to participate in the process for determining how the funds will be used to advance sustainability on campus.


How Will the Fund be Managed?

UM students, staff, and faculty are eligible to submit project proposals to the Green Fund.

A committee of students, faculty, and staff will manage the UMGF.  The committee will accept and review proposals twice per year.  The UMGF committee is charged with the stewardship of the UMGF on behalf of the University of Mississippi. The Committee shall consist of the following representation:  5 students, 2 faculty, 2 staff, and 1 non-voting chairperson from the Office of Sustainability.

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Our Strategic Vision: The University of Mississippi has exhibited its long-term commitment to environmental sustainability through the creation of the Office of Sustainability and signing the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment.  The university’s current strategic plan, UM 2020, has also identified the institution’s leadership role in health, wellness, and sustainability as one of the university’s top flagship goals to advance over the next decade.


By signing the President’s Climate Commitment, UM has made a commitment to becoming climate neutral by 2050.  Implementing a Green Fund increases the ability of our university to achieve this goal and keep our commitment.

The innovative and forward-thinking nature of a Green Fund has the potential to intrigue future students and receive national recognition.  Nine out of 14 schools in the Southeastern Conference have established Student Green Funds including: Mississippi State University, Texas A & M, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, University of South Carolina, University of Missouri, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, and Vanderbilt.


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